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One of the things that makes Kentwood successful is our amazing Fundraising! Our families help drive our efforts to bridge the gap between the LAUSD budget and what we need to run a successful and thriving school program. Last year fundraising drove over $120,000 and our families donated over $40,000 of that to help fund our Technology Curriculum, Music Program, and Science Lab class, through all kinds of different events – we had many sports fundraising ideas for example, which helped us raise a lot of money! This is good because science lab equipment can be rather expensive, especially when there needs to be enough to educate a class of children. Thanks to these donations, the school was able to purchase state of the art equipment as well as appropriate PPE. From protective visors like those on https://www.sciquip.co.uk/products/ppe/full-face-protection-visor.html to dozens of pairs of safety goggles and even lab coats, the students will now be able to safely investigate all things science!

If you are someone looking for a few school fundraising ideas, then check out GoFundMe online, to see how they can help you with raising money for your own school in some interesting and fun ways. Furthermore if you wanted to fundraise in alternative ways for different causes then there are many different kinds of fundraising website to help to suit whatever cause that is being supported.

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Here is a list of everything our PTO Fundraising supports:

  • Technology Curriculum/ Lab teacher

  • Symphonic Jazz Music Program

  • Additional Yard Supervision

  • Classroom Supplies

  • Field Trips/Assemblies

  • Science Lab Program

  • Campus Beautification

  • School Socials

Fundraising Programs currently include the following:

Annual Giving / Pledge Drive: Straight donations from our families, PTO membership, Entries into our monthly Prize drawing

Kentwood PROM: Fun Adult night out with dinner, dancing, and a Silent Auction.

Hawaii Drawing: Funded by the William H Hannon Foundation

Family Fun Day: Fun Carnival style event on campus with Silent Auction

Gift Wrap Fundraiser

support our school fundraiser!