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Want to know more about the concerns and successes of Kentwood? The Kentwood Governance / SSC might be something you would like to check out. SSC is an acronym for School Site Council. At Kentwood we have combined it with Governance to save time and cover a wider area of concerns than just an SSC. A few of the items discussed at Governance / SSC are behavior plans, school safety, attendance, budget, test scores, school report card, and hiring of new employees. Of course any area of concern is open for discussion, and the staff listens to the council’s recommendations.

School Site Councils are required by the state and are responsible for developing a Single Plan for Student Achievement and monitoring the plan. Every three years we write a new one which we will be doing this year. School Site Council also receives recommendations from GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) and ELAC (English Language Advisory Council) as to how they would like their funds spent. The School Site Council meets and must come to consensus to approve these categorical budgets. The budget funding must be based on the assessed needs as outlined in the Single Plan for Student Achievement.

Each Governance/SSC member heads a committee to do the research and informative written/verbal narratives that are presented at the meetings. These committees consist of: Budget, Curriculum/Data Instruction, Human Resources, Parent Community Involvement, Policy/Operations/Facilities, Professional Development, ELAC, and School Programs/Schedule. We are always looking for parents to be on these committees. If you want to know more about a committee or would like to be on a committee please contact Debbie in the office.

Meetings for the ’17-’18 school year will be posted shortly.