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Technology Program

Technology is integrated into the daily classroom with iPads. Beyond that integration, all Students enjoy 45 minutes of Technology “Computer” class each week. Our world class Technology lab is equipped with over 30 new iMac computers provided by LAUSD.

Our curriculum is unique by grade level:

Kindergarten: Learn parts of the computer and how to use a mouse and how to click and drag objects. They do Math and Language arts programs on the Internet with a focus on number recognition and phonics.
1st grade: Students start learning keyboarding and grade appropriate Coding using Hour of Code and Studio Code. They also begin using Key Note. The class also focuses on additional math and phonics work using specific internet programs.
2nd grade: Continue to develop Coding and Keyboarding skills. Learn how to open and negotiate the internet, as well as use software that is available to them with a focus on continuing Reading, Math, and Language Arts. Art becomes a part of their learning program and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are introduced.
3rd grade: Develop a deeper understanding of Coding, and programs such as, Microsoft Word. Learning how to save and store documents. Students begin a journal to document their entire year using different different software programs. End of year project includes a digital book.
4th grade: Continue to develop their journal and incorporate more artistic elements with clip art, their own drawings. Coding program is becoming more sophisticated, students are using Comic Life to develop their own comic strip.
5th grade: Students are introduced to moviemaking and making slideshows in PowerPoint. They are using Hour of Code to develop their own game, and are learning how to test these games afterwards. This is a vital skill, similar to that firms like Parasoft carry out in real life. Additional focus on keyboarding to ensure the students are prepared for middle school.