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Preschool Program

Kentwood State Preschool Program of the Los Angeles Unified School district is a three-hour developmentally appropriate educational program that address the social-emotional, physical and cognitive needs for children ages three and four years old.

Our program is located at Kentwood Elementary School. Our program provides personalized learning experiences that will prepare students for success in school and life, while valuing and respecting the needs, languages, and cultures of all students, families, staff and communities it serves.

The latest information on brain development and other empirical research support the value of early educational opportunities. Long term studies have validated the impact of quality preschool on future educational success. They have indicated some of the following:

  • Higher student achievement
  • Less placement in special education classes
  • Less failing grades
  • More likelihood of graduating from high school and enrolling in college
  • A more positive attitude toward school

Monday though Friday (A.M. CLASS: 7:45a.m. – 10:45a.m.)
Monday though Friday (P.M. CLASS: 11:15a.m. – 2:15p.m.)

A family must complete an application and provide supporting documentation demonstrating eligibility need. Children must be at least 3 years of age and toilet trained.

The professional development for all teachers and aides are in alignment with the California’s Pre-kindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines, State mandates for Desired Results and the Early Childhood Education Branch’s Early Education Improvement Plan approved by the Board of Education in February 2001.

The core and essential documents of our Early Childhood Education Branch are explicit and intentional in supporting improved student achievement. These documents are aligned to the California Kindergarten Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics. The Early Literacy Program, adopted by the Los Angeles Unified School District in March 2004, Developmental Learning Materials (DLM Express). DLM Express is aligned to the Open Court Kindergarten Reading Program. A variety of carefully selected books of various genres are consistently available to children. Criteria for selection of books include attention to positive depictions of cultural diversity. Teachers use a variety of strategies to encompass the diverse needs of children.

Additionally, we strive to provide support services to our families. Nurses, mental health specialist, audiometrics and nutritionists offer some of the following: Initial screening, periodic reassessment of physical and mental health needs, Health education for children and parents. Nutrition program of breakfast, and lunch.

Parent participation is encouraged. Parent volunteers allow parents to participate in our daily activities. Informal conferences as well as formal parent conferences are utilized as a positive strategy to accomplish student outcomes. Parent meetings are scheduled to help parents understand grow and development of their children.


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Kentwood State Preschool!! My name is Lucy Knight and I am originally from Taipei, Taiwan. I have a BA in Child Development/Psychology from California State University Northridge and I hold an early childhood credential and a site supervisor certification. This is my 10th (!) year teaching in LAUSD as a preschool teacher it remains stimulating, challenging and, most of all, gratifying. I have worked at Kentwood for 4 years now as a teacher as Director of the program.

I am also a Cadre member for State Preschool Program in LAUSD. I provide ongoing assistance and support to fellow State Preschool teachers and aides by demonstrating lessons, assisting with instructional planning and managing classes. As a member of the Ad Hoc Committee for LA Kids Learn, I along with others input our expertise for the preparation of materials that enable our students to be successful in Kindergarten.

I feel fortunate to be working with children from 3 to 5 years old. I love being immersed in the amazing and beautiful world of 4- and 5-year olds. I especially enjoy supporting emerging literacy and math skills through play-based and hands-on activities. I strongly believe children learn essential social, emotional, and cognitive skills through play.

Becoming a teacher has been more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. Teaching gives me the opportunity to touch the lives of young children every day and I love it!! I have a curriculum that is mandated by the state, however, I do develop my own lesson in ways to enhance and take my students on a “journey to knowledge” and it is a fantastic feeling. I have learned that my day is filled with much to do and I really thrive on that. I plan to stay in the profession forever. I just want to make it better each and every year. I once heard, “a good teacher teaches for thirty years and does not teach one year thirty times.” I really believe that a teacher must continue to grow and reflect from year to year in order to grow. Teachers are given more opportunities now to work with that growth, by being able to take educational online courses from places such as https://dominicancaonline.com/online-courses/ and help kids become the best version of themselves through combined learning.

My mission as a preschool teacher/early childhood educator is to provide a child-centered classroom that is very conducive to learning. I will use a hands-on approach that is very developmentally appropriate within an integrated curriculum. I want my students to become independent thinkers, readers, and writers and to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Aside from teaching, I enjoy drawing, taking a nature walk, listening to music and watching movies. I am also an animal lover. I have two adorable Yorkshire terriers that I love dearly.

Ms. Lucy Knight